Early Modern Word List with Variant Spellings

The eMOP team is happy to release the early modern word list we've compiled by parsing the 46,000 TCP transcriptions of EEBO & ECCO documents and combining it with the alternate spelling list available via the VARD tool.

Using an R program we have culled and counted the words available in the 46,000 EEBO and ECCO documents hand transcribed by the Text Creation Partnership (a href="http://www.textcreationpartnership.org/" target="_blank">TCP). This list is limited to those words used more than 100 times. The complete EEBO list of words along with word counts is available at http://emop.tamu.edu/eebo-word-freq. We then combined that list with the early modern variant spellings list available via the VARD tool. Using OpenRefine we processed the list to remove single characters, words with non-standard characters, and duplicates. The resulting file is over 144,000 words and 1.2MB. You can download the file here.