TypeWright is a crowd-source correction tool available through 18thConnect.

Again, the eMOP data set consists of EEBO and ECCO documents. TypeWright allows multiple users to see those EEBO and ECCO page images along with the OCR transcriptions of those pages in order to correct the transcriptions, collaboratively or alone. Once a user, or group of users has corrected an entire document, that person or group can ask for corrected transcriptions of that document in two formats, XML and/or text format. Our contracts with Gale and ProQuest, copies of which are available in the Mellon Grant Proposal that can be found here on the eMOP site, allow us to give correctors the documents that they have corrected, and they are free to do anything that they wish to do with them--use them for text mining, create digital editions[1], visualize them, whatever one wishes to do. Digital Editions submitted to 18thConnect will be Peer Reviewed.

eMOP is making the transcriptions of its EEBO OCR available via TypeWright, the first time EEBO OCR transcriptions will be available.

1. A page is coming with information about how to create library quality digital editions that can pass through peer review at NINES, 18thConnect, or MESA.