Forked version of the Juxta Command Line tool created for eMOP by Performant Software Solutions. Will be official after eMOP is complete (10/1/14).

Juxta-CL is available open-source for use under the Apache Software License, v2.0.



Juxta Command Line (Juxta CL)


JuxtaCL is a specialized form of Juxta. It is a command-line tool that accepts
the path to two files a parameters. It will collate them and return their
change index (degree of difference between the two files).


Java 1.6+
Maven 3.x


JuxtaCL is built by maven. Execute: mvn package


Once built, the binary distribution can be found in the target directory.
It will be named: juxta-{version}-bin.tar.gz.
Expand this archive and move into the top level directory. It contains
a script for launching JuxtaCL named juxta.sh. It accepts the following
command line arguments:

-help - displays usage information
-version - prints the JuxtaCL version
-strip - takes one XML file and strips out the tag content.
This content is streamed to std:out
-diff [options] - and are the two files to compare. [options]
is the set of config options for the comparison.

Valid options include:

[+|-]case - toggles case
Default: insensitive

[+|-]punct - toggles punctuation
Default: insensitive

-hyphen [all|linebreak|none] - sets hyphenation handling
Default: all

-algorithm - set the algorithm used
[ juxta | to determine percent
levenshtein | differnece betweenn the
jaro_winkler | files. Defaults to juxta.
dice_sorensen ]

Also included in the final package are helper scrips; strip.sh. diff.sh and all.sh.

strip.sh takes one XML file as a parameter. Flat text is dumped to std:out

diff.sh takes 2 files. The change index (as calculated with Juxta algorigthm) is returned.
The -algorithm paramter is also accepted.

all.sh takes 2 file parameters. It will return a table of change indexes, one
row for each algorithm.


Juxta-CL is a java based tool and so can be run on any platform that is loaded with the Java SE Developer's Kit. To install Juxta-CL without building it yourself:

  1. Download and unzip the Juxta-CL.zip file.
  2. For Windows users, download/copy the juxta.bat file, and put it in your new Juxta-CL folder.
  3. type sh juxta.sh or juxta.bat for Juxta-CL help information